Our Current Membership

Reaper LORDs have active charters on PlayStation and XBox, with bottom rockers that honor our hard-earned territories in GTA Online. Click the patches below to see our Charter rosters.

Reaper LORDs believe that no child should be a victim of violence.

“Changing the lives of children worldwide is the best gift we can give.”

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Every one of us with an internet connection, console, and the luxury to play video games at our leisure is blessed.  Reaper LORDs are proud to pass those blessings along in supporting the efforts of Save the Children¹ and invite you to join us. Every child deserves a future.

About the Club

The founders of Reaper LORDs were people that had a passion for both video gaming and motorcycle club culture in real life.

In 2013, these dedicated gamers used the open world of GTAV to recreate MC life online and quickly attracted like-minded unique individuals from around the world. As the club grew, so did the in-game community that agreed to play by our self-imposed rules in that chaotic world – The 1%ers, who restrict their weapons, vehicles and other gear so as to provide a level playing field in a free-aim environment.

In game, Reaper LORDs have always prided ourselves on playing with honor, treating other players with respect and fighting fairly. Reaper LORDs enjoy meeting other players and experiencing all the game has to offer with them. We will assist, and do not grief, other players. We move through the world in an orderly and controlled fashion. Reaper LORDs also will not start a fight, but are always willing to finish one. With members all over the globe in almost every time zone, Reaper LORDS have no problem sustaining battles with fresh blood for many hours straight.

But the club has grown, matured and evolved to something considerably more than we were when we first roamed the back alleys of Los Santos and the trailer lots of Paleto Bay.

Today, Reaper LORDs operate as an outlaw gang in RDO. Although the Five States is a nice change of scenery, we still choose to maintain and apply the structure, core values and discipline that we honed over our years as an MC in San Andreas and it serves us well. Our bikes are always at clubhouse garage when we need them, anyway. But the club has grown, matured and evolved to something considerably more than we were when we first roamed the back alleys of Los Santos and the trailer lots of Paleto Bay. Our presence on RDO has exposed us to a fresh and different community and as such we have continued to grow and thrive as new players learn about our true purpose.

At our core Reaper LORDs are, and always will be, a social club that values it’s members and our personal relationships more than the game platform we choose to use. We recognize that as gamers, many of us spend hours of our lives online, and that time is made better when you have truly good people to spend it with. None of us get to pick our blood relatives in real life. But in our club we get to pick our family and we choose very carefully.

We have teachers, doctors, business executives, world-class athletes, recording artists and many other high achievers in our ranks, including active-duty military and law enforcement. We also have dope-smoking hippies, former gang members and many others from all sectors of society all over the planet. Each of them enriches our club and challenges us with alternative philosophies. The unshakable bonds that are formed along the way ensure that all Reaper LORDs, and their real world communities, are supported by a network of brothers and sisters that open their hearts, their homes, and even their wallets when needed.

Reaper LORDs are about more than gaming and we will continue to do our part to set an example for others in our communities, providing an outlet for motivated individuals who have a desire to work towards making both their gaming experiences and real-world lives lives more meaningful and impactful. Forever Forward.

Reaper LORDs are currently recruiting.

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